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New on DVD: Atlas Shrugged: Part 1

New on DVD: Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 3

“Atlas Shrugged”, the novel, might be worth a read. And, just maybe, “Atlas Shrugged” could make a good film one day…but this is not it.

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New on DVD: Cars 2

New on DVD: Cars 2 3

The original “Cars” was fair at best. Sure, little boys loved it, but what the fuck do they know? Thatl film lacked the heart and universal appeal of the other Pixar masterpieces. With “Cars 2″, the franchise has been run into the ground.

New on DVD: The Change-Up

New on DVD: The Change-Up 0

“The Change-Up” is not without a few funny moments, though. Ryan Reynolds is abusive to his new infant children, and nothing says funny like good old fashioned child endangerment.

New on DVD: Magic Trip

New on DVD: Magic Trip 0

Have you ever been around a group of people on drugs and been completely sober? That’s exactly how I spent the 1990′s. And, guess what…it’s not fun, and it’s not funny.

New on DVD: Water for Elephants

New on DVD: Water for Elephants 7

Sure, on rare occasion, August likes to be forceful with his wife. Maybe sometimes he wraps his hands around her neck. But, seriously, how else are you supposed to show her who is in charge? This bitch is flat-out not behaving properly, and she must be disciplined.

New on DVD: The Princess of Montpensier

New on DVD: The Princess of Montpensier 0

When the highlight of a film is the 10 seconds that the lead actress gets naked, you haven’t done a very good job of telling a story (or your audience is filled with perverts).

New on DVD: The Tree of Life

New on DVD: The Tree of Life 7

What the fuck is going on here? No, seriously. I don’t get it. Not to brag, but I have a near-genius level IQ, and this dreck was completely lost on me.

New on DVD: Bad Teacher

New on DVD: Bad Teacher 0

With “Bad Teacher”, somebody grabbed a potentially fantastic concept and took a shit on it.

New on DVD: Bereavement

New on DVD: Bereavement 0

A white guy kidnaps, tortures and kills women in graphic detail. Why? I have no idea…I doubt even he knows.

New on DVD: Inside Out

New on DVD: Inside Out 0

The main difference between “Inside Out” and “The Chaperone” is that one is a drama, and the other is a comedy. I’ve seen them both, and I couldn’t tell you which one is which.

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