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New on DVD: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

New on DVD: Transformers: Dark of the Moon 0

This whole franchise sucks. You have no one to blame but yourself.

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New on DVD: Set Up

New on DVD: Set Up 0

Along with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, 50 Cent is the king of the “straight-to-DVD” genre. Every other week, one of them pumps out a new piece of shit.

New on DVD: The Tempest

New on DVD: The Tempest 2

“The Tempest” is a reinterpretation of a Shakespeare classic. Yeah, so, umm, I didn’t know that.

New on DVD: Prom

New on DVD: Prom 0

Disney omitted the good parts…the drugs, the booze, and the sex. Why else would you go to this fucking gay party?!

New on DVD: Jumping The Broom

New on DVD: Jumping The Broom 0

Had this film been released in September of 2008, there’s a chance it would have affected the outcome of the United States presidential election. There’s no way white people would’ve voted for Barrack Obama had they seen “Jumping the Broom” first.

New on DVD: Priest

New on DVD: Priest 0

If this sounds like a stupid concept for a film, you’d be right. Mixing Roman Catholicism, vampires, and a train was a horrendous idea.

New on DVD: Tactical Force

New on DVD: Tactical Force 4

At this point, I know what to exactly what to expect with a Steve Austin film. Subpar acting, mindless action, a piss-poor script and amateur direction. “Tactical Force” delivers in spades.

New on DVD: Your Highness

New on DVD: Your Highness 0

I’m not sure I’ve ever soured on a comedic actor quicker than I have with Danny McBride. I still want to like him. I used to pull for him. Now, though…I don’t know.

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